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Report of the Water Commissioners
Of The North Raynham Water District
May 24, 2012

To the Citizens of the North Raynham Water District

The Commissioners of the North Raynham Water District respectfully submit the following report of the operation and financial statement.

Four new services were installed giving the District 1391 active services.

This year the District pumped a total of 121,275,000 gallons of water, a decrease of 2,831,000 gallons from the 124,106,000 gallons pumped last year. This was attributed to above normal rain fall in August and September. The district kept its promise and increased the time frame for watering by 2 hours and did not have to tighten the restrictions during the summer. The entire staff and management would like to thank all residents for their patience and support.

The Treasurerís report shows the District to be in sound financial condition. This was confirmed by the independent Auditorís Report Parent, McLaughlin and Nangle for the F/Y 2011.

The System Development and the Districtís Money Market Accounts, Certificates of Deposits and Capital Savings Accounts have yielded a total of $21,407.00 in interest in F/Y 2011 as of 06/30/2011.

The Demand Fees for new water installations generated $3,585.00 in revenue for the F/Y 2011 as of 06/30/11.

Arrowhead Lane Water Filtration Plant (Formally King Philip Filtration Plant)
The filtration plant has been on-line since June of 2009. During the year of 2011 produced 82,693,000 gallons of high quality water that are void of the minerals iron and manganese. This has almost completely ended all complaints about the quality of the water and reduced the time and volume of water needed to flush hydrants and helped conserve water for other uses.

District Annual Water Quality Reports
The annual water quality reports will be mailed to each resident by the required DEP July 1st deadline.

Meter Replacement
The District has replaced nineteen meters between July 2011 and March 2012. This increases the accuracy of the water readings, which in turn generates more revenue for the district and helps to reduce the districts unaccounted for water.

The District will begin the process of upgrading all District meters to the new style radio transmitted readings. The District plans on a system wide change out over the next 5 years. Notification will be sent out as the District starts the change out in your service area. Appointments will be required and the District will accommodate Saturday installations.

The website for the North Raynham Water District @ has been a great success. Information regarding rates, watering restriction, flushing notices, water conservation and other important town links have been accessed over the 6 plus years the site has been active. The district on line payment option has also been very successful. Just click on: On Line Payment on the website.

In closing, the Commissioners want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making this District a success.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert G. Chase

Michael J. Lalli

Steve P. Dyer

Board of Water Commissioners
North Raynham Water District

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