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Infrastructure and Capital Improvements

    Water is delivered under pressure from wells through a network of buried pipes. House service lines, which are smaller pipes, are attached to the water main to bring water from the distribution system to your house or business. Water pressure is provided by pumping water into storage tanks that store water at higher elevations than the customers they serve. The force of gravity then "pushes" the water into your home when you open your faucet. Our New water tank does not have height, rather uses pumps to supply water at a consistent pressure.

    Capital Projects:
    The District is actively pursing new ways to improve the water distribution system. The new Broadway well field needs to have a filtration plant constructed prior the being able to use that source and bring it on-line. New water transmission main needs to be installed under the route 138 overpass of route 495 to prevent any disruptions to the water system. As in all cases, funding remains the major obstacle to completing these projects. The District will continue to apply for state low interest funding to help the rate payers get the most bang for there buck. State and Federal grants are also being looked at as part of the overall financing options for the District.

    What's New?
    The District has started the construction of its New water Filtration Plant. The plant has been designed to remove the natural occurring minerals of Iron and Manganese. The Districts new Bedrock well along with the existing King Philip wells 3A & 3B and the First street replacement well. A second well is being installed at the first street site to bring the site up to its fully rated capacity. A raw water transmission line has been installed to bring the fore mentioned wells to the filtration plant. The filtration plant is scheduled for completion by the end of April 2009. Start up & testing will begin after that date.

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