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District Requirements Regarding The Cross-Connection Control Plan

    Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations 310 CMR 22.22 requires all water purveyors that have an approved CCCP to layout the requirements regarding the Districts policy on Cross-Connections.

    Effective on 3/01/2012 the following requirements must be adhered to regarding approval or installation of backflow devices within the boundaries of the North Raynham Water District. All applications for cross connection control devices must be submitted to the North Raynham Water District for review. The district will refuse to supply water to any location that does not follow the requirements outlined below.

    1. An application for water along with proposed plumbing plan must be submitted to the District Coordinator.

    2. If a backflow device is needed, a design data worksheet and application must be submitted to the District.

    3. Once a plan has been approved, no installation may begin until the District receives a copy of the plumbing permit.

    4. Installation must be carried out based on the approved design sheet and any installation deficiency corrected prior to initial testing.

    5. All requirements outlined in the approval letter must be followed prior to the water service being activated.

    6. No building permits will be signed if an application for water requires the installation of a backflow device that has not followed the Districts requirements.


    Arthur S. Bendinelli
    Cross Connection Control Coordinator

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